Make Your Own Story Book

The Make Your Own Story Book Competition is held annually and attracts entries from young people statewide. It includes categories for picture books and story books. Winners will be announced at an Award Ceremony, the date of which will be decided once new dates for Children's Book Week 2020 are announced.

This competition is open to all WA students from Pre Primary to Year 8. Individual and school based entries accepted. Please read entry form for specific guidelines.

CLOSING DATE: Friday 11th June 2021


Contact: Denise Robins


Important Dates 2021 - to be advised


Make your own story book lessons with Sean E. Avery

WA Author Sean E. Avery has created a series of YouTube videos that are specifically designed for children who want to enter the Make Your Own Story Book Competition. They can follow the steps at home to create a story book or a picture book. 

Lesson 1: Story Books and Picture Books:

Lesson 2: Brainstorming Ideas:

Lesson 3: Story Mountain:

Lesson 4:  Story Book Intro:

Lesson 5: Picture Book Intro:

Lesson 6: Story Book Build Up:

Lesson 7: Picture Book Build Up:

Lesson 8: Character Illustrations (Part 1)

Lesson 9: Character Illustrations (Part 2)

Lesson 10: Story Book Conflict Part 1:

Lesson 11: Story Book Conflict Part 2:

Lesson 12: Picture Book Conflict Part 1:

Lesson 13: Picture Book Conflict Part2

Lesson 14: Story Book Resolution:

Lesson 15: Picture Book Resolution:

Lesson 16: Story Book End:

Lesson 17: Picture Book End:

Lesson 18: Writer's Tool Kit (Part 1):

Lesson 19: Writer's Tool Kit (Part 2):

Lesson 20: Shape And Size:

Lesson 21: Layout And Composition:

Lesson 22: Illustration Mediums:

Lesson 23: Page Binding:

Lesson 24: Case Binding:

Lesson 25: Final Binding:

Lesson 26: The Final Checklist:


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